Most frequently asked clay art related questions we've received will be put here.
Before you ask, we highly recommend you to watch these two videos first.
And if after that you still have more questions, You can use the CONTACT form on our website.
Below are the videos can answer most people's questions:

What clay do you use?

We use light air dry clay most. Sometimes we use resin clay and polymer clay too. All clay types are very good and can make beautiful figures. The skills matters.

 What brushes do you use? 

Brush we use: LINER size 000 for most of the conditions, size 00000 for super small details.

Can I also use watercolor or oil paint?

We DON'T recommend these paints because if using on air dry clay, you want it to last longer and watercolor needs water which air dry clay "hates" water, oil paints took very long to dry.

 What do you use to make your doll standing? and What size?

We use crafting wire as support: gauge 18.

How do you keep your work clean? I can't.

(1) Always clean your hands, your cutting board, and everything that will contact your clay(roller, presser). Also, you can prepare some white clay "especially for "washing" your hands by your side. (2) "wash" your hands using white clay whenever you want to switch colors.

How long should I wait to attach the parts?


You can always wait for all parts fully dried to attach them. basically, this is better since if it's not fully dried you'll easy to destroy their shape. After fully dried, use white glue is good enough to attach them.

How do you do the gradients?

check out the tutorial HERE.

What brand of clay do you use? Any recommendations?

We used our own requested factory to make ones.

You could try: (1)Loveclay(Hobbyclay)from Korean

                         (2)Search top ranked ones on Aliexpress

                         (3)Search silk clay on Amazon

                         (4)Our clay here in our SHOP

What paint do you use?

Acrylic paint. Windsor & Newton Artist Acrylics, watered down.

What do you use for blushes on figure's face?

Soft Pastels or real woman cosmetic blushes. Originally using Mungyo pastels from eBay.

How do I know if a clay is good or not?

Different Clay even the similar type may have very HUGE different feelings while using. Bad clay can't shape SHARP pieces without losing details after dried. The best clay is the one fits you best.

 When can I paint the face?

Please always wait until your clay is fully dried to paint the face. It takes at least 1-2 days based on the humidity of your room.

Why my clay doesn't look as smooth as yours?


Always knead your clay thoroughly before you work with it to release the bubbles inside which will lead to the uneven surface.

What glaze do you use?


  • Gloss- Sculpey gloss glaze

  • Matte - Golden Polymer Glaze with UVLS (matte)

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